Reptilia Host Now Owned By Mersey Tech Hub

  • Reptilia Host is now owned and maintained by Mersey Tech Hub. Over the next few months our websites will be changing to reflect this.

    To do this we will be doing the following.

    • Domain Names
      •,,,,, - These will stay the same and is Mersey Tech Hub's first point of call for clients hosting needs. Clients will be online and face to face available at our offices.
      • - Viability of this domain and services are under discussion.
      • - This domain will be decommissioned and no longer in use as of 23/10/2020.
      • - This domain will be kept. Links from "" will be transferred over to this website. Sub domains for this website will remain the same.
      • - This will be decommissioned and no longer in use as of 20/09/2020
    • Updating all our websites with our new office location.
    • Getting listed on google.
    • Recruitment will be done at Mersey Tech Hub, but will be advertised under the relevant company name.

    We will update this announcement with more as soon as it is available.